Ah, Nuts!

There are some valid reasons why you’re nuts if you don’t eat nuts. Ok – all puns aside there are many reasons why each and every one of you should be eating 1-2oz of nuts a day.

Here are some typical misinformed things I hear people say:

“Peanuts are so good but so dense in calories, I don’t wanna get fat”

“Look how much sodium there is!”

“For that amount of calories, I could probably eat a piece of cake!”

Calm down there, killer. Here’s why you’re wrong. First of all, let’s look at some of the benefits of peanuts alone. Peanuts, although dense in calories are 20-30% protein, they contain elements that aid in healthy skin and hair, can boost your metabolism and even contain a vast amount of potassium which helps regulate water levels in your body. Plus a good handful of nuts is going to keep you fuller longer, resulting in less bingeing later in the day.

Of course, there are better choices to make than others. Typically, almonds, walnuts, and peanuts are the best choices if you’re gonna go nuts (seriously, who is this chick, the nuts pun is so 5 minutes ago). Nuts are also amazingly awesome for your heart. They can help lower bad LDL cholesterol and line your arteries to help prevent blood clots.

Still not convinced you won’t have to do an extra Jillian Michael’s workout to make up for the difference? There are reasons why 200 calories of nuts aren’t going to effect your body the same way 200 calories of cake would. A high majority of the fat in nuts consists of mono saturated fat (the good fat, like the kind on your cute booty). Because of this, these calories are conserved and metabolized differently than most, they are stored and used for energy. Basically, that arm flab you’re angry about has nothing to do with any nuts you’re eating. Incorporating nuts into your diet on a daily basis also stabilizes your blood sugar and keeps you from getting those crazy afternoon spikes (you know – when you might kill someone in the break room for the rest of the girl scout cookies).

I know it can be a mind-set adjustment, especially for those of you always trying to count calories (ugh – that just drives me nuts, personally, I swear that wasn’t another intentional pun). When we eat we need to realize that blanket statements won’t work. This is because there are healthy fats (mono/poly) vs. unhealthy fats (saturated/trans) as well as healthy and unhealthy calories.

Case and point: look for unsalted peanuts, almonds, and walnuts. Eat a handful before your workout, sprinkle them on a salad, get them in your system. Your heart will love you for it! ❤


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