Badass Honey Badger Fitness Challenge!


Ok – I know my blog posting has went waaay down in frequency. And I will post more, May has just been super crazy. So as a treat to encourage you not to stop reading my blog, I give you, the ultimate diet/exercise plan. Well, what my friends and I are going to do at least. Also – I have to give credit to my pal Becca (on the right in the picture above) she not only made that amazing photo but helped with a lot of the tips below 🙂

First of all, this is a marathon – not a sprint. We are all in this together and the more we share with each other about our progress, our hurdles, and our occasion chocolate binges, the better. There is strength in numbers and we haz lots of them. Below are some suggestions/tips that Becca and I have come up with.

 A lot of people want someone else to hold their hand the entire way, tell them what to eat and when to workout. But come on 1) that’s not realistic and 2) the minute someone tells you what to do you’re just going to find a way to not do it. No one thing works the same way for two people. I could eat nothing but bagels for 4 days and gain 80lbs where you might do the same thing and gain a cup size, it doesn’t make sense. Just because a friend did something doesn’t always mean it will work the same way for you. I want to encourage HEALTHY (not crazy) eating habits and lifestyle changes. Let’s encourage each other to always eat enough food, never starve ourselves or try to kill ourselves with too much exercise. Let’s also realize that just because you fall off the wagon and eat an entire cake (what, I’ve done it) doesn’t mean you have to give up forever. It means that the second you put that fork down and wipe the frosting off your face you’re going to reach for a glass of water and the next meal you decide to eat will be good for you.


  • No eating after 8pm.
  • Only lean proteins, vegetables, and unprocessed sugars/starches. For example, a serving of steamed yams or fruit are acceptable side dishes/desserts. Limit carbs but don’t take them out completely. If you’re going to eat pasta or bread chose whole grains and breads with lots of fiber!
  • Drink only water, black coffee, or unsweetened tea. Sugary and/or carbonated beverages are OUT.  No alcohol (FAACK). Also stay away from Diet soda if you can. Diet soda contains a chemical that can actually increase your appetite, plus, come on, that shit ain’t good for you.
  • Snack often, but think healthy 100-calorie options that are high in protein and low/no carb, such as grapes, yogurt, nuts, veggies, low-fat string cheese, etc.
  • Keep portion sizes small.  A portion of even lean meat is only the size of a deck of cards, and truly no other portion in any meal should be much bigger.  If you want seconds, have extra salad or veggies—and eat slowly to feel full faster.
    • Sometimes I’ll eat Lean Cuisines for a while (although very high in sodium and NOT the best choice) they have helped me to shrink my stomach and train my eyes about how much I should be eating at once.
  • Track everything consumed on (let’s find each other on there and be friends, too!)
  • ONE cheat meal/dessert per week to keep us from feeling deprived.  But make it COUNT (think CHIPOTLE). 
  • Drink WATER! Tons of it. Try to get to 100oz a day. I know it sounds daunting and can take a lot of effort (and trips to the bathroom) but it’s a great way to clear up your skin and flush toxins (and fat) out of your body.
  • Eat more fiber! Eating 30-35g or more of fiber a day can magically eliminate an additional 200-300 calories. Well the magic part is in your poop, but you get it.


  • Work out a minimum of four days a week, and a maximum of 6. This can be done before work, after work, on the weekends, and by a combination of these if necessary. And lunch runs count!
  • Allow your body one full day of rest to repair muscles. Do not work the same muscles two days in a row.
  • Workouts should include cardio as well as strength training, and even classes to keep it fresh and fun.
  • Remember to track all exercise and calories exuded on as well.
  • I started up a 10-day fitness challenge of my own. I’m doing the Turbo Jam workouts below and eating healthy meals, staying around 1200 calories/day.
  • Create your own 10-day kick off challenge and rotate cardio with resistance training!
  • Remember that the more you workout in one day, the more you can eat. See

What did you think!?

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