Write it down: Ways to motivate yourself

While I was at the gym while back, I overheard a personal trainer. He was talking to a woman who was severly overweight and her eyes looked like she had lost all hope. He told her it was all a state of mind and told her to go home and make a list of statements starting with “I am” and then to read that list every day outloud to herself. We have to train ourselves to believe our own realities. I felt inspired, so I came home and made this list. I posted it up in my kitchen on one of the cabinet doors and read it to myself every morning and evening, whether in my head or LOUD enough to make sure I hear it. 🙂

I also have always found that when I keep my room/apartment/house clean and organized it also helps clear my mind. When my surroundings are happy, I’m happy. Think of ways to remind yourself that you’re awesome and that you CAN do this!


4 thoughts on “Write it down: Ways to motivate yourself

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