Food and Your Mood

I won’t lie, this past couple of weeks, I have eaten just about anything and everything I’ve wanted. It was officially Summer, the 4th of July, people were making hot dogs, McDonald’s was on my way home. Bla bla bla, all bad excuses, still, we ALL make these kind of choices, we’re human. It wasn’t until this past weekend that I realized something was awfully WRONG. Besides the fact that I felt like a manatee, I was also in an awful mood, impatient, irritable, short with my friends, and lacked any motivation to even be happy with myself. What happened!?! I’m usually the one that keeps others motivated, giving the “you can totally do this” speech, because everyone can! But last night especially, I couldn’t even think of a reason to be happy.

This made me realize how much what I eat affects HOW I feel. When I’m eating healthy and exercising, I have the world at my fingertips, I know I can do anything. When I start to eat junk food, the opposite happens. It’s like the high and low of some crazy drug crash/binge. No wonder they call it a sugar rush.

Turns out, there have been a lot of studies on the links between junk food and depression. Think about it. The next time you decide to have a piece of cake, chips, soda, whatever it is that you’re craving, sit down and enjoy it but think about how your body and mind react to it. I know that when I have something sugary I instantly feel anxious, I even get shaky (which probably has more to do with my blood sugar in general) but the point is that sugar and I don’t get along. Same thing goes for McDonald’s or any fast food.

Now that the bad news is out there, let’s focus on the GREAT news! If food can make you feel bad then it can also make you feel amazing! Think about what happens when you’re eating clean, healthy foods, limiting your portions and drinking tons of water. Focus on the good stuff and you’ll only feel more motivated to keep doing so!


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