10 Ways to Lose Those Last 20 Pounds

I had a bad day today. No reason in particular, I just wasn’t happy and was in an awful awful mood. I mentioned the other day how much food can affect your mood and the battle isn’t quite over yet for me this week.

After I finally got home tonight I realized that I am tired of being tired about not being where I want to be both physically and mentally. I’ve lost well over 40lbs so far on my journey, which is great but if I want to start seeing new changes, I’m going to have to start doing new things and put in that much more effort.

So here is my personal list of 10 things I’m going to do to those that last 20 pounds. Keep in mind it might be that last 80, that last 5, maybe more or less. Where ever you’re starting and where ever you want to go, these 10 things are important:

1) Go to bed on time and get at least 8 hours of sleep. No more excuses about not going to the gym or to a fitness class because you’re “too tired.” the energy you’ll create working out always exceeds any feelings of laziness you had before you went.

2) Eat smart and don’t let yourself get so hungry you make poor choices. Not only does not eating frequently enough offset blood sugar levels but it also makes people “hangry” or hungry angry. We ALL know that feeling. Keep cottage cheese, fruit, and veggies in the kitchen at all times. Have a bite right when you get home, give yourself some protein so you make that smart meal choice for dinner after a long day.

3) Drink more! And I’m not talking about alcohol. Drink water constantly, all day long. Have tea at night to curb cravings. Add a dab of almond milk for taste if you must. Make Lipton cold brew tea when it’s hot.

4) Don’t get so absorbed in the details that you set yourself up for failure. So you had a bite of a brownie, don’t kill yourself for that, it’s still better than a lot of other things you could have done.

5) Track your meals on Loseit.com or your favorite site/app. Not forever, just for the first few weeks. And put the bad stuff in there, too! Someone needs to hold you accountable. You’ll be surprised how much you can actually eat when it’s good healthy food.

6) Keep realistic goals. It’s a marathon, not a sprint but consistency is still key.

7) Sweat your ass off! Pick it UP! You’re in a lot better shape now than you were before but if you only keep doing what’s comfortable you’ll never advance. At least 3 days a week, do a workout that kills you. I’m talking dripping sweat, can barely do another rep, so out of breath you might just pass out. Ok don’t really kill yourself but PUSH IT! Your body is capable of way more than your mind thinks it is.

8) Stay happy. Find things, projects, activities that make you happy and keep you inspired. Find ways to reward yourself other than food.

9) De-clutter your room/studio/apartment/house AND your mind. A clean environment creates a clean and open mind. Get organized and love your space at work and home so you automatically feel happier and more amped to take care of yourself.

10) Don’t give up and don’t stop. You can’t fail or lose if you never give up. You’re like the terminator of weight loss and your fat is about to be obliterated.

Bonus 11) You can and WILL do this. If you read this, you already started whether you realize it or not. There’s a force growing inside you and as soon as you let it manifest it’s going to bring you to success you never dreamed of!



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