Grocery Shopping to get yourself in gear

Today marks day two of my 30 day challenge so I thought I’d go stock up on some healthy groceries. I got two weeks worth of goodies for $81 🙂 More and more stores have coupon apps that can make a world of difference. I saved over $30 today because of them. Also look out for special day sales. For example, my local Safeway has $5 Fridays where you can get an entire roasted chicken and a pound of deli meat for $5 each.

A lot of people make the excuse that trying to eat healthy is too expensive and it can be. However, if you think about how much you may have sort in the past on chips, soda, and fast food you’ll soon realize being healthy can be a lot less pricey.

Here’s some of the things I picked up today:

Frozen raw shrimp: at only 120 calories in 14/15 of these little guys you have the perfect protein packed snack or a great way to improve a salad or some pasta!

More tilapia and apricot preserves for that favorite recipe of mine.

Almond milk and fiber cereal. I buy this stuff whenever it’s on sale. The only downside is that it has 12g of sugar per serving which is more than I’d like for cereal.

Red, Orange, and yellow peppers! These are a great snack sliced up with hummus and also play a great role in eating more colors!

Talking Rain. Why is this stuff so awesome? It’s a great substitute for alcohol. For me, having the carbonation reminds me of a beer without the calories. Have a ladies night or an event and want something in place of wine? Take some sparkling water and put it in a wine glass with ice. You wont feel as left out and get to stay on track 😉

Sandwich makings. When I make a sandwich, I go all out. Whole wheat bread, light mayo, horseradish sauce for an extra kick, lettuce or sprouts and Swiss cheese (the lowest calorie cheese you can usually find).



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