Day 3: 30 Day Shred and Why I’m Loving It!

Woooooo! I’m siting on my living room floor dripping sweat right now. I can feel the beads of it rolling down my back and I feel more hyped than ever!

The third day of anything can be hard. It’s an easy time to give up, you can’t actually see results yet, there’s an investment being put in without the results yet. Don’t you dare quit. Take a minute to think about how you FEEL! Where’s your mentality at?

Today the 30DS got worlds easier. I know the routine and before I knew it, it was the last 30 seconds of the last circuit and I was ready to do it all over again šŸ™‚ I can’t see any visible differences yet but man do I feel on top of the world!

I actually ENJOYED the workout today instead of grunting through it in agony. I told myself I was going to love every moment of breathing hard and getting sweaty. You can make yourself like working out. I promise you.

I made sure to notice my body, my form, the way I moved, the way I felt. And to be honest, when I finished I literally said out loud “Damn, I’m sexy.” you should be thinking an saying the same thing to yourself. Working out and eating healthy not only boosts your mood but it also boosts your confidence and people around you will pick up on that. Not only is it going to get you fun attention from whoever you have your eye on, but you’re going to be more productive at work, you’re goin to want to excel at anything you do. It’s basically a catch all for optimum success!!

I’m not giving up on you or these 30 days. I’ve never felt so inspired, motivated, and determined. Get it!!!




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