30 Day Shred: Day 8 and the Start of Level 2

Yesterday was rough. My alarm didn’t go off at 5am which meant I would need to do 30DS after work. But I also had a work event to attend, which involved me eating bad things at happy hour. However, I did not eat much of these bad things. I then went to Turbo Kick and still did 30DS last night. I was tuckered!

This morning I got up and decided it was time for the next level. The first level workout was getting comfortably easy and in my mind, if my body is going to drastically change, I need more of a challenge. So off I went!

Mother of god…..it was hard. Not only is there a lot more jumping, push ups, planks, and lunges but some of the moves feel like muscles I’ve never used before. There were moments when I was literally dripping sweat yelling at Jillian “WHY! You only said a FEW more and we are STILL going!”

Afterwards though I felt pumped and inspired. This is only going to continue to work 🙂

Here are some of the things that Level 2 involves:

  • Walking out push ups. Involving standing up, bending, putting all your weight in your arms, walking out to a flat back and then doing a push up
  • Side twist jumps
  • Planks with floor jacks, I’m just going to wait for you to see how this all works
  • Double ab workouts. I will say that Jillian turned up the heat on the ab portion. Most moves now involve lifting your legs as you do the crunches. It rocked.

And now, more pics to keep you motivated. This first woman lost 2.5 inches from her waist on the 30DS!


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