11 Great Ways to Keep Yourself on Track!

I’m on day 14 of the shred and there are some days where all of this is just plain HARD! I want to eat brownies and gorge myself on pringles and not move and never workout, but I can’t do that and I won’t do that because it will only leave me upset, out of shape, and depressed from all that bad food. So what are some things to do to keep yourself on track, especially in those desperate moments of confusion and cravings? Here are some of my secrets:

  1. Plan and Be Prepared – if you don’t have a game plan it’s going to be a LOT easier to eat that pizza at your friends party or sneak a doughnut from the break room. Pack your lunch the night before. Stock your pantry, fridge, and freezer with healthy options AND choices so that you have a pretty good idea of what you want when you get home. Choices are important because they give us options to make us feel like we are in control and not being “forced” into eating a certain way. An example, I planned on having a giant salad the other night but then really wanted something sweet by the time I got home, good thing I had frozen tilapia and coconut shred ready to go! This weekend I’m going to a friends bday BBQ and there’s going to be TONS of burgers, beers, and pasta salads. Before I said “omg I won’t even be able to go!” I put a game plan in place. I’m going to pre-make an amazing salad and bring my own little cooler of sparkling water, Zero Vitamin Water, etc. This way I’ll be eating with everyone else and will still be able to have a beverage in my hand at the same time. All that extra effort means I’ll probably have room on Loseit for a s’more by the end of the night 😉
  2. Portions! – Make the effort to get familiar with what the serving size is of the most common foods you eat. Ask restaurants to box up half of your meal before they bring it out to you. (Also – never be afraid to ask them to cook your meal healthier or without an ingredient, it’s a restaurant and they are cooking for YOU!) Buy smaller plates, bowls, etc. I even find that when I eat with dessert forks instead of the bigger ones, I eat slower, get full faster, and end up eating less overall.
  3. Never eat out of the container! – You’d be amazed at how many chips you actually ate out of that bag in front of the TV. If you REALLY want to have something like that, portion it out. Put a serving size of chips or whatever you’re about to eat in a bowl or make it pretty on a plate. Enjoy your food, let it nourish you, be aware of how it makes you feel as you eat it.
  4. Get rid of your Kryptonite – goldfish crackers, dove chocolate. What is it that if it’s in front of you, you just HAVE to eat it. Don’t think that hiding it in the cubboard will help, either. It always finds a way to talk to you. “Hey! Sarah, up here, behind the oatmeal, I’m chocolate, and you waaaant me!” Don’t make your efforts any harder by keeping bad things around. If you have roommates, try to agree on making sure bad foods are kept hidden. I don’t want to come home to a bowl of cookies if I don’t have to.
  5. Know your goals and track them – I’m not saying you have to use Loseit or track/count ALL of your calories ever. But do make sure you know where you’re at and what you should be doing/eating in a given day.
  6. Stock up – keep meal replacement bars, almonds, and healthy snacks that keep for a long time in your purse, trunk of your car, or some place in your apartment/house where you can grab them quick on the go. There are going to be unplanned times when you get swamped, called to a meeting, a last minute get-to-gether and you won’t have time to prep a meal or have healthy options. Having a healthy snack or something like a Cliff bar with tons of fiber/protein will keep you feeling satisfied and better suited to make a healthier choice later.
  7. Don’t Let Yourself Get Hungry! – sure, you are going to feel hungry that first week or so as your stomach shrinks and you get accustomed to eating less, however, you shouldn’t EVER skip meals or wait too long to eat. When this happens ghrelin builds up in your system (the hungry hormone) and makes you want to EAT. Staying full and eating lots of fiber and keeping your blood sugar at a healthy level will help you head home for that healthy meal instead of ending up at a drive-thru. I always keep low-fat cottage cheese in my fridge and eat a couple spoon fulls before I cook dinner. This keeps me from over-eating or deciding to go get ice cream instead.
  8. Drink More Water – often times we think we’re hungry when really we’re just thirsty. Get in the habit of drinking LOTS of water daily and you’ll find yourself with more control of what you’re eating.
  9. Stop Eating When You’re Full – learn what it means to be full. This doesn’t mean eating until you feel sick. Eat SLOWLY and enjoy the food nourishing your body. You’ll often find that once you stop eating, you’re already fuller than you thought. It can take a while for the message to get from your stomach to your brain. Be inspired by toddlers. Ever notice that kids will often eat just a bite of a cookie and then put it down and walk away
  10. Get Accountability Buddies! – have friends join you in your exercise regime and healthy eating ways! Keep each other on track by motivating each other and promising to help push each other to make that workout class even if you’re tired. Help them up when they have an off day and remind each other that you can’t fail if you never give up! If one of you loves the gym but also loves ice cream and the other one never wants to work out, find ways to inspire each other. Social media is also a great way to share progress and find other people to keep you accountable. Also make sure to measure success in ways other than the scale!
  11. Stay Motivated! – Find people, books, site, pictures, and blogs that keep you wanting to keep being a badass trailblazer for your body and your mind!

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