Need More Fitness Motivation? Cool Sites to Check Out

Pinterest is one of my best friends when it comes to inspirational pictures, recipes, exercises, etc. I was browsing on there today and found a couple cool sites that I thought you guys might like.

Weight Mirror: This site lets you upload a current full length body pic and will adjust it to show a general idea of what you might look like at a different weight. You can add in your height and weight and then it will adjust accordingly. Keep in mind this won’t be perfectly accurate, but it’s kind of cool to see.

Here’s one I did of myself. As you can see it’s not going to account for the actual change in the shape of your body. If I lost 20lbs, I’d see a greater gap in between my legs, etc. But it’s still a cool visual. 🙂 There are other weight loss simulators out there but many didn’t take into account your height or only had an option for females.

WebMD has a Free Food & Fitness Planner: This is actually a pretty amazing site. Reminds me a bit of in the beginning but seems a bit more detailed with how much you want to exercise vs. eat. It also tells you how much water you should be drinking everyday based on everything! It does make you register (for free) if you want to go to the next step and see a food plan. However, it does ask you if you have any current medical conditions and gives you the option to opt out of any annoying emails. For the most part, it’s on the same wavelength as Loseit, however, it gives you more information at your fingertips with it being hooked into WebMD. There’s a tip of the day, links for wallet and fridge-sized food portion guides, a did you know fact of the day, tons of info on different kinds of fats, etc. I’m actually tempted to start using this 🙂 Let me know if you try it out!

Find other blogs that are fun to read with people you can relate to! Most of us aren’t celebrities with the ability to workout 6 hours a day and have a chef prepare all of our meals. Some of the most recent blogs I’ve discovered are SkinnyEmmie (who has already lost more weight than most people currently weight, amazing!) and LearnFitness from a 6’2″ guy who’s made amazing progress. He even has a weight loss timeline that shows all his progress. It’s great to find someone you can relate to, whether its similar habits, body style, height, etc.

I also like finding Tumblr feeds for fitness and weight loss inspiration. Sometimes these aren’t monitored very well but for the most part people are posting healthy results and healthy nutrition habits.

Look for success stories in your weight loss goal range. This site from ShapeFit lets you chose before and after photos by weight loss range.

What are some of your favorite sites or resources for fitness, weight loss, and health motivation?



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