It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

It’s easy to get into that ALL or nothing attitude. I’m going to work out EVERY day this week and eat exactly 1200 calories and not mess up at all. But then what happens? You have a bite of your roommates banana bread after a long day at work, end up eating an entire piece of it or more, then think to yourself “I’m a FAILURE, I shouldn’t even workout.”

We’ve all been guilty of something like that to some extent. The thing is, it doesn’t and SHOULDN’T have to be that hard. Establish lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness habits that are sustainable. You may be able to make time for 2 hours of cardio a day in college after ENG 101 but what happens when you start working full time, or have other responsibilities? Figure out ways to be consistent, stay on track, and enjoy yourself. Be proud of the things you do on a daily basis.

Take today for example: I’ve been a little inconsistent in my eating habits and workouts lately. So at lunch today at work I decided to hit the treadmill and ran a little over a mile. Nothing too crazy and part of me was thinking “that’s ALL you’re doing? JUST a mile?” but then I had to stop and realize, it IS something. It’s still toning my legs, getting my heart going, burning calories, and putting me in a better mood to stay motivated today and throughout the rest of the week.

Count the small things! Every decision, action, and outcome of these little moments and motivations add up to BIG results and happy, healthy, hearts!


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