Keeping a Healthy Body Image: A reminder we ALL need

bodyimageI rarely make statements like this but I think this is important. In every woman there is a 12 year old girl who once thought that the images in magazines were what was beautiful, and were what she should strive for. This has affected every woman more or less and differently in many ways. But as we’ve gotten older, whether we’re 25 or 55, we realize that these images aren’t what we should strive for. They aren’t realistic and they aren’t the only thing that men find desirable. But every now and then, the 12 year old inside us creeps back and gains a voice; we forget that with all of the images and constant pressure to be fit and have a certain body type, we too, are still beautiful in every way.

We may know that these images aren’t what we HAVE to be, but it doesn’t make that desire go away. With more and more sites like the ones listed in the article below, we are constantly shown not only pictures of women with extremely low body fat, but also how specific parts of our body should be. Not only should we have clear skin and perfect boobs, but we also should have gaps between our thighs, our hip bones should protrude, and we should relish in the fact that men find us so completely perfect if we can reach these goals. But the truth is that no two body types are the same. Some women will never have a gap no matter how much weight they lose.

I’m writing this to take a minute to remind every woman who reads this that you are beautiful, gorgeous, and perfect in your OWN unique body. And I’m writing this to remind every man to constantly remind the women in their life the same thing. Don’t assume we always know this. We have to constantly fight to stay on top of our body image (in fact, every individual does).

We need to stop “liking” and posting pictures that make statements that “this” body or shape is better than “that” one. Curvy isn’t any better than skinny, just like skinny isn’t any better than curvy. BOTH are beautiful. ALL women are beautiful. We need to work on creating an environment that works on supporting and loving each other, not standing in opposition because our bodies are different. In the same way that the media has deformed our perceptions of attraction, women continue to do the same by encouraging one body type over the other. COME TOGETHER and stop hating or feeling jealous of another body type than your own. Embrace all women around you and let us find that strength in numbers. This may sound cheesy but it’s true.

I know I have spent my entire life (and will always struggle) because I’m not skinner, tanner, or I don’t have bigger boobs. We all have insecurities that some days are easy to push to the side, but on others can bring us to tears. We all have a 12 year old within us that needs to be comforted, nurtured, and reminded that we are strong, unique, beautiful, and determined women. And that the more we stand up and praise our own bodies, the more everyone else will, too.

We need to stop punishing women who DO stand confident in their skin by calling them “vain” and “full of themselves” and praise them for taking care of their bodies, striving for health, and setting an inspirational path for others.

The challenge and effort it takes to continually love your own body from age 5 to age 90 NEVER stops. Take your insecurities and turn them into strengths and remind yourselves, your friends, and your children, how important their own self-worth in their body image is. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. And that’s what I have to say for Monday. ❤


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