New Year New Habits: 5 Ways to get your body and mind on track

The new year makes most people think about weight loss and improving their health. The problem is that most people set such lavish future goals that the they don’t stick to the small, day to day habits that really are responsible for the big results you crave. So now that a new year is in front of us and we only have 6 more months until summer, how are we going to even start on this journey?! Don’t stress! I have some helpful tips that I live by that always help me get back on track. Also, you should know that I’m writing this in bed from my iPhone in an attempt to motivate myself for tomorrow 🙂

1) Flush out your system – I hate to use the word “detox” because I feel like its always associated with fad liquid diets that are horrible for your body (and your mentality). To get your body and your appetite back on track you don’t need to starve yourself or drink nothing but carrot juice for a week (please don’t ever do that). The best thing to do is to start drinking lots of water, LOTS of water, no really more than you’re already thinking, lots. And I won’t lie to you, it’s going to take effort. You will have to drink water all day even when you’re not thirsty and explain to your boss that yes, you have went to the bathroom 3 times in the past hour. Your body will get used to your increased fluid intake over time. Water is the best way to flush all those toxins out of your body. Think of it as washing away all that sugar and clearing your mind of impurities as well.


2) Get back to portions – this part can be the hardest. In order to reset your appetite hard drive, you’ll need to eat less and those first three days are going to be brutal. For me, the first day isn’t so bad, I’m just starting and think “oh no big deal.” But if you’ve over eaten the night before, you’ll notice your stomach will feel stretched out in the morning and you’ll want more food. Make it over this three day hump of eating healthy portions and letting your tummy grumble and I promise you it will get easier from there. Also – every time I get back on track I notice that as my body re-acclimates to healthy foods again, I get SO bloaty!!! It can actually be discouraging like “I’m eating less and working out why do I feel so HUGE!!” Again, don’t stress, this will pass, too.


3) Exercise! – OMG yes even if you don’t want to. Especially if you don’t want to! Part of the reason I’ve lost over 50lbs and kept it off is because I keep moving! Even after a night of beers and nachos, the next day, I’m back at it! You have to keep moving forward.

4) Indulge by the meal, not by the day – this is so important. How many times have you had a piece of pizza, then two, then maybe a coke and a piece of cake and thought “whatever!! Today sucks anyway, I’ll start tomorrow or after the weekend, or after Christmas, or maybe…after all the holidays…” This mind set and logic won’t get you where you need to be, in fact, it will set you up for failure and only sabotage your spirits. If you work hard all day making smart choices and find yourself splurging on happy hour food with coworkers later, don’t throw that entire day in the trash. Enjoy some good food and relax but stick to portions, stop eating when you’re full and get back to your healthy habits with the very next meal. So many of us think that we have to start diets on the 1st of the month or on a Monday in order for us to be successful but who are you really fooling? You already started when you started reading this post. When you’re done eating bad food, be done eating bad food. Don’t use slippery slope logic to fall back into bad habits.

5) Work on judging food on how it makes you feel vs. how it tastes – remember that moment in middle school when you realized that if you liked someone’s personality enough they actually became more attractive and when attractive people were vile they became less so? The same can be applied to the foods we chose to eat. I’m not saying don’t enjoy those tasty treats, but realize that once we are full, our brains feel the same reaction ultimately, and that is satisfaction. Ever notice that if you really want a burger but decide to eat a salad that after you’re full you don’t really regret your decision? You’re actually glad you made a healthy choice and your stomach is glad, too. Our bodies need food and in survival mode as long as we have something with calories, we’ll be sustained until our next meal. Now, we know that although true, healthier foods will keep us living longer, feeling full longer, and in a better mood. Try to pick out your foods by how they make you feel during and afterwards. Nourish yourself with ingredients instead of tunneling waste through your body.


I hope these tips help you out with your goals for today, tomorrow, and all year!


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