The Power of Spoken Word: Why you should be your own voice

I look for inspiration everywhere, every day, constantly. Don’t we all to some extent? We ask our friends for advice, we want our boyfriends/girlfriends to validate our sex appeal and sheer attractiveness. We want everyone else to do emotional work for us, to keep convincing us that we are amazing, intellectual, stimulating, beautiful, and funny human beings. But then there’s that moment, when you’re having a bad day, or you’ve eaten PopTarts you shouldn’t have and suddenly, you feel awful.

Many of us don’t share these feelings, these low points, the negative moments that take over our minds and leave us feeling worthless. Today as I was browsing blogs I came across a great post by Thais G. where she shared a raw thought during her day:

“Just binged. Luckily there wasn’t much to binge on at work. Thankful there’s no junk to binge on at the house. Feeling really blah. Uncomfortable. Judged. I keep looking to others to save me. I have this urge to buy things. Like maybe that rush of a new thing will somehow outweigh the awful feeling in my heart. The feeling that I’m inherently not good enough. That I’m flawed. I hate being in my body right now”.

This resonated deep with me. Because just yesterday myself, I had such a similar thought. Knowing that someone else out there had experienced the same emotion made me inspired and feel stronger.

So often we look to others for advice and consult that we forget to speak to ourselves. We forget to look in the mirror and tell ourselves we’re beautiful, to truly believe in ourselves. It also feels like anytime I hear the phrase “believe in yourself” I feel like it’s cheesy, but really, it isn’t. Maybe “be your own badass” is better. At any rate, we need to remember to treat ourselves with respect. To talk to ourselves in our minds like we would a friend and to look in the mirror and think positive thoughts about our body and what it can do.

When is the last time you were alone in a room or outside somewhere and you let yourself say out loud “I am amazing, I am beautiful, I am fantastic, I am sexy, I am smart, I am awesome!” Yeah, me either. But why not! Why not go to bed at night and whisper a compliment to yourself. Take a giant sharpie and write “I LOVE ME” – I think you’d be surprised at how encouraging this would be. We are our often our worlds biggest critic, why not be your biggest fan.

Something to contemplate. ❤



2 thoughts on “The Power of Spoken Word: Why you should be your own voice

  1. Honored by your mention. It’s nice sometimes knowing that there are others on this path who are struggling, but who are also finding hope. Life is good my friend. Sending you love ❤


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