Consistency: The key to your success

imagesCARIMT9SIt sounds obvious – if you keep doing something, it’s bound to work but many people fail to make time for regular workout routines and eating schedules. And if we’re constantly battling as we try to find time for a workout, guess what, it’s NOT gonna happen!

Finding time is the wrong way to look at it. We need to MAKE time. When I am consistent, I see results without even realizing it. As we establish habits (when we regularly get up, workout, eat breakfast, etc) we begin to get into a rhythm and it’s easier because we’re not trying to fight against our bodies. Remember over Xmas break when you were a teenager and you’d stay up as late as you could and sleep in all day, sometimes not eating breakfast until 2pm and then getting into a really weird sleep schedule. When you aren’t consistent with your diet and exercise, it’s like the same thing and your body will pay for it.

Now let me clarify – I’m not saying eat exactly the same things everyday at the same time and run exactly 4 miles everyday – sure that’d work but you’d go insane. What I mean by consistency, is don’t go one extreme or another. If you’re doing good all week and then you go out to dinner and eat more than you should, bring yourself back together and start the next meal right. Making time to exercise on a daily basis is also important. I’m consistent in my exercise in that most days of the week I AM exercising. Granted, sometimes it’s only running for 10 minutes in the morning or doing half of a workout DVD but it’s still moving.

Realize that a healthy balance of food, exercise, and sleep is key. Give yourself a cheat meal instead of a cheat day. When you can’t get rid of a craving for something, have a small amount, savor it, and then move forward. Sometimes when we constantly deny ourselves things, we end up bingeing later. If you do go crazy one day, realize it’s not like it’s making you gain back all of the weight you lost. Don’t let it be the start of a new bad habit. Instead, push forward. Think of “oops” days as a step in a different direction.

I also try to workout even on days when I’m being “bad.” Knowing that I’m still going to have to move my tush makes me want to eat less so I don’t feel as heavy or sick later. Again, it’s the consistency factor.

We are never moving backwards, only forwards, either towards our goals, or towards bad habits. Realize that you can continually change your course and path as you move. You don’ t permanently close the fitness door just because you ate a couple brownies. Think of your life and fitness goals as ONE road, instead of a fork with two paths. You’ll always be on the same road, you will just be determining how windy it is.

You can do it!


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