Fatty Confessions: Let’s Be Honest

I feel like sometimes I need to be completely honest to a public audience in order to make some progress. Today I’m going to talk about the fatty things I’ve done. In no particular order and some more recently than I’d like to admit. I feel like if I can be honest about what it took for me to get to my heaviest and others can relate, then maybe I’ll be even more ready to move forward towards the best shape of my life!

Here we go:

  • I used to sneak left over cake from the breakroom at work by putting it into my coffee mug
  • I’ve made nachos with nacho cheese doritos and put so much cheese on them that the chip has broken when I lifted it up
  • When I throw anything away that I might want to eat later, like baked cookies, I have to not only throw it in the trash but then pour ketchup over it, because yes, I WILL grab something out of my own trash and eat it if it’s sitting on top
  • I’ve eaten an entire mini bag of goldfish in one sitting
  • I’ve eaten until it hurts and then kept eating
  • I’ve spread frosting on graham crackers
  • I’ve melted an entire cube of butter and poured it over popcorn
  • I’ve made cheese “fondue” by merely melting cheese into a pot and then dipping anything and everything into it lol
  • I’ve had dinner and THEN went out to dinner with friends
  • I’ve eaten an entire thing of Ben & Jerry’s
  • I’ve went to three different drive thrus for food at once because I wanted multiple things
  • One time I somehow ate half of a cake by continually eating “just a bite” with a fork
  • One night I made bacon and cinnamon rolls for dinner, no really, like I baked cinnamon rolls and then had bacon on the side with them O_o

These are probably my most embarassing food moments. Jenna Marbles also has a great video I’ll post below that has me dying laughing. Truth is, we’re all human and we’ve all done things we’re not proud of. Sometimes people joke with me that all I eat is carrots but that is FAR from the truth, I’ve still got a ways on my journey and I have and still will make a lot of mistakes. Keep going!! We can all do this!


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