Healthy Breakfast and Getting Back on Track with Organization

Suddenly it’s Summer time and while I’m a fan of the weather there’s the other part of me that’s panicking because that means it’s almost swimsuit time! AAHHH!!

So last night I decided to get myself back on track in a new way. Besides eating healthy and exercising regularly, I also wanted to make sure the physical environment around me was clean and organized. I figure that the more organized my home is, the more clear my head will be to make better decisions and stay on track. So I headed out to the dollar store and picked up some bins to start organizing.


Knowing where everything is is an AMAZING feeling. I used an ice cube tray for my earrings and now know where my stapler and tape is (I had THREE of each – who knew!?) A great blog to checkout for more organizing tips to help keep your life at ease is Organizing Made Fun.

Then this morning I started up Ripped in 30 again which is a decent step up from 30 Day Shred. I actually like it a lot better and it seems to go by faster. By the time I was done with Level 1, I was soaked through all of my workout gear.

Here’s my healthy breakfast for today. 2 scramled eggs with broccoli and a bit of garlic salt.


What other things do you do to help keep yourself on track?


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