Plan it out: How to Tackle Your Procrastination and Excuses

I’ve had ENOUGH! I just went back and read through all of my 30DS posts and results and wow, I’m motivated again. But thinking back on the past month or so I can see WHY I haven’t been successful. I keep “starting” the Ripped in 30 DVD, giving up halfway through the workout, then not doing it the next day. I need a game plan. I need a SYSTEM!

I’ve been thinking about how upset I am  for not having a flat stomach already. So I decided that as fun as it may be to listen to myself complain, I’m actually going to TAKE action.

I have 19 days to get that much closer to my goals. 19 days until I get to see my boyfriend (who has been gone for 9 months). THIS is motivation. Down to the wire.

First thing I did was make a calendar for the rest of the month and the next 19 days. I decided I’m going to do the 30 Day Shred with all my might for the rest of the month (and then continue after of course). I printed out my routine and schedule goals and started highlighting each of the levels for the different days. I gotta tell ya, as I went along, and the more I realized how much of a plan I was making, I felt more confident, more sure of myself. I now know that THIS is going to work and I’m going to get back on track.

For me, accountability is what I need to move forward. It’s why I’m always blogging and checking in at the gym. It doesn’t even matter if other people care what I’m doing, I just know that other people see it and that keeps me accountable.

I’m also going to make the commitment to track my mood, feelings, energy level, etc and then eventually share it on here. When I went back and read how I was feeling on only the 6th day of 30DS before, it really inspired me to get started again. In order to do this I’ve created a worksheet for myself (what can I say, I’m an admin at heart).  It’s composed of a section for each day of the week to record: my workouts, mood, energy, & motivation levels, successes, and my challenges for the day. I think keeping a log and seeing how much progress I make in all faucets of my life will really encourage me to not give up. I’ve included the Word document for you below to print out and use yourself! 🙂

Weekly Fitness and Nutrition Track Sheet

Our entire lives we plan for school with weekly planners, we make work flows in our jobs, we even plan savings and budget accounts. So why not make a plan for your fitness and your health. Here’s to accountability!