Fit Cupcake Giveaway!!! A Thank You to All of You!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Today I thought it would be a great day to try my hand at Fit Cupcake’s first official giveaway as a way to say THANK YOU to all of you who read, follow, and comment on my blog and Facebook page. I’m trying to make it as easy as possible. Please read the FAQ below. To enter, simply visit the Fit Cupcake Facebook Page here and comment on the giveaway photo on Facebook (it will be the same photo that is shown below) by answering the question provided on Facebook.


What is the giveaway?

  • I have an extra copy of Jillian Michael’s Killer Buns & Thighs DVD that will be mailed to the winner

Why are you doing a giveaway?

  • No other reason than I want to say “THANK YOU!” to all of my friends, fans, and followers 🙂

Do you sell this product or get a profit from this?

  • Absolutely not. I just love Jillian Michael’s workouts and think that my followers might enjoy it, too!

How can I enter the raffle/giveaway?

When does the contest start and end?

  • The giveaway starts at Noon (EST) on Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 and ends at 11pm (EST) on Sunday, July 20th, 2014.

When will the winner be chosen?

  • The winner will be announced on Facebook during the day on Monday, July 21st, 2014.

How will the winner be chosen?

  • The winner will be chosen at random by entering everyone’s name into an online tool I use called Random Thing Picker

How will the winner be notified?

  • The winner will be announced on Facebook (first name only) and contacted via Facebook message to provide their mailing address.

Are there any limitations to who can win?

  • The only limitations are that this is a Facebook giveaway and I can only ship the DVD within the United States at this time.

I don’t have a Facebook account – can I still enter the giveaway raffle?

  • For my first giveaway, I am trying to keep it simple and am only using Facebook. In the future, I may do different giveaways with more options on how to participate and enter.

I live outside of the United States – am I eligible to win?

  • At this time I will only be able to ship the prize within the United States.

What will do you with my mailing address and contact info if I win?

  • Your mailing address will be kept confidential and will only be used to mail you your prize!

What if I win but want to give the prize to someone else who entered?

  • The prize cannot be transferred. If you decline the prize after winning, I will choose a new winner at random. I want to keep things as fair as possible 🙂

30 Day Shred: Day 8 and the Start of Level 2

Yesterday was rough. My alarm didn’t go off at 5am which meant I would need to do 30DS after work. But I also had a work event to attend, which involved me eating bad things at happy hour. However, I did not eat much of these bad things. I then went to Turbo Kick and still did 30DS last night. I was tuckered!

This morning I got up and decided it was time for the next level. The first level workout was getting comfortably easy and in my mind, if my body is going to drastically change, I need more of a challenge. So off I went!

Mother of god… was hard. Not only is there a lot more jumping, push ups, planks, and lunges but some of the moves feel like muscles I’ve never used before. There were moments when I was literally dripping sweat yelling at Jillian “WHY! You only said a FEW more and we are STILL going!”

Afterwards though I felt pumped and inspired. This is only going to continue to work 🙂

Here are some of the things that Level 2 involves:

  • Walking out push ups. Involving standing up, bending, putting all your weight in your arms, walking out to a flat back and then doing a push up
  • Side twist jumps
  • Planks with floor jacks, I’m just going to wait for you to see how this all works
  • Double ab workouts. I will say that Jillian turned up the heat on the ab portion. Most moves now involve lifting your legs as you do the crunches. It rocked.

And now, more pics to keep you motivated. This first woman lost 2.5 inches from her waist on the 30DS!

Day 3: 30 Day Shred and Why I’m Loving It!

Woooooo! I’m siting on my living room floor dripping sweat right now. I can feel the beads of it rolling down my back and I feel more hyped than ever!

The third day of anything can be hard. It’s an easy time to give up, you can’t actually see results yet, there’s an investment being put in without the results yet. Don’t you dare quit. Take a minute to think about how you FEEL! Where’s your mentality at?

Today the 30DS got worlds easier. I know the routine and before I knew it, it was the last 30 seconds of the last circuit and I was ready to do it all over again 🙂 I can’t see any visible differences yet but man do I feel on top of the world!

I actually ENJOYED the workout today instead of grunting through it in agony. I told myself I was going to love every moment of breathing hard and getting sweaty. You can make yourself like working out. I promise you.

I made sure to notice my body, my form, the way I moved, the way I felt. And to be honest, when I finished I literally said out loud “Damn, I’m sexy.” you should be thinking an saying the same thing to yourself. Working out and eating healthy not only boosts your mood but it also boosts your confidence and people around you will pick up on that. Not only is it going to get you fun attention from whoever you have your eye on, but you’re going to be more productive at work, you’re goin to want to excel at anything you do. It’s basically a catch all for optimum success!!

I’m not giving up on you or these 30 days. I’ve never felt so inspired, motivated, and determined. Get it!!!



30 Day Shred: Day 1 and why you should join me

My alarm went off at 4:59 this morning and I didn’t mess around. OUT of bed, into my sports bra and workout gear and downstairs to the TV. Jillian Michaels was ready to yell at me and get my ass into shape. 30 days from today will be August 10th. I hesitated as I wrote that (that means everyone on the interwebs can keep you accountable now), good let’s do this.

I will keep you guys updated on my progress and my thoughts on the workout program. Doing the workout this morning was a little rough for a few reasons

  • Getting used to working out right when you wake up is difficult
  • I’m a little bit out of shape at the moment
  • My upper body strength is pretty much non-existent

Other than dripping sweat by the end (flushing out all those toxins, too) and feeling sore immediately, the workout was awesome. What’s great about this DVD (and boy have I done a LOT of workout DVDs) is that it’s only 20 minutes, goes by super fast, and won’t wake up your roommates. A couple of people have asked me “isn’t is just the SAME workout over and over again for 30 days? ugh!” Actually, no. Here’s what it is:

1 DVD: 3 workouts (Level 1, 2, and 3)

Level 1 is done for 10 days and so forth.

Within each 20 minute workout there are 3 circuits that contain strength training, cardio, and abs along with a warm up and cool down at the end (don’t you dare skip the stretching part!)

Here’s how Level 1 Circuit 1 is broken down after the warm up: More details here.

2 minutes of Strength Training

30 seconds of push ups

30 seconds of lunges and bicep curls


2 minutes of Cardio

30 seconds Jumping Jacks

30 seconds jump rope (no actual jump rope)


1 minutes of abs

30 seconds of crunches

30 seconds of reverse crunches (lifting legs up at 90 degree angle)

So as you can see there are three 5 minute circuits and then the additional 5 minutes are spent warming up and cooling down. Jillian encourages you to PUSH it to the max, if you only have 20 minutes, there’s no time for a break! Love that. As far as weights go, you’ll be surprised how little you actually need. I have 3 and 5lb dumbbells and that was all I needed so far. I may pick up heavier weights as I advance. Also keep in mind that starting out without any weights will still give you results, there’s so many lunges and squats, you’ll feel it, trust me. I primarily used the 5lbs for most of the workout, except at the end where she has you do side lunges with front rows, I had to bring it down to 3lbs for that one, still feeling it. There’s also tons of other great sites with recommendations.

I highly encourage taking before pictures and measurements. I know you don’t want to now, but you’ll love knowing how awesome your results are after! Also, make a rule to only check in halfway and at the end. You’re not going to look completely different on day 3, but you will feel amazing! I’ve read lots of reviews on this workout and people have said that after 5 days they see a major difference and have tons more energy.

I plan on using Loseit the entire time I do this as well. Here’s what my meal plan for today looks like:

Breakfast – 310 calories

1/2 Cup Whole grain plain Quaker Oatmeal

1/2 Cup Almond Milk

1/2 Cup Applesauce on top after microwaved

Mid-Morning Snack – 175 calories

1oz of raw, unsalted almonds

Lunch -300 calories

Lean Cuisine of my choice

Afternoon Snack – 200 calories

Dinner – 300 calories

2 scrambled eggs with onion and lunch meat

Whole cut up hot house tomato

Sometimes I put 2tblspns or so of salsa over the eggs for an extra kick! Very delish.

The 30 Day Shred will only get easier and you will only get stronger as your progress. Take a look at these photos of people who rocked it for 30 days and have the results to show from it!

Comment below and let me know if you’re gonna do this with me!! Isn’t that last picture incredible!