Working Out: The Perks We Forget About

It’s so easy to stay in the negative when we aren’t in the shape we want to be in. We make excuses, we say it’s too hard, we complain of being so tired, depressed, and unenergetic. There’s NO WAY we could possibly committ to a daily workout, especially BEFORE we start our day.

But we forget (and so easily, too) how amazing it does feel to BE active and to STAY active.

People often say “I just ran out of motivation” and believe me, I used to say the same thing. Then I realized that waiting to do something or start something until you WANT to do it is never going to get you anywhere. If I only did things based on when I FELT like it, I’d never go to work, I’d never get out of bed before 9AM, I’d be completely and utterly unaccomplished and bored with myself.

We have to CREATE motivation, strength, and determination. These are outcomes of our own internal assessment and self growth.

Here are some things I started doing lately and the after effects:

  • I started drinking LOTS more water (close to 100 oz a day) and now I WANT to drink more water all the time, in fact, I’m thirstier
  • I started doing 5am cardio and now I go to bed on time WANTING to wake up and workout all over again
  • I started putting fuel into my body instead of sludge to merely keep me alive and now I CRAVE healthier food
  • I stopped drinking alcohol when I was depressed or had a rough day and instead I go on a walk or a run and guess what, I FEEL better
  • I never let myself go more than 2 days without working out, even when I’ve had bad food the same day, and now I find myself craving bad foods less!

I now SLEEP harder, think DEEPER, SEE further, and feel BETTER.

But why is it so easy to forget this when we dive into a plate of nachos Friday night and then somehow don’t come up for air again until Monday morning when we feel defeated, exhausted, and mentally drained from guilt?

We have to keep track of how things make us feel. We have to REMEMBER what makes us feel GOOD, what makes us feel ACCOMPLISHED, and sexy!

Trust me, there are perks to the hard work it takes to lose weight and get your body into shape. This is a continual journey for more than just abs, it keeps your brain active and alert and aids in the complete, all-encompassing joy that is your life.

Don’t give up! You GOT this! Get it!

A look into my early start today….



My Personal Journey: 50lbs and so much more

Many of you might not know what my journey has been like and I thought it was about time to share 🙂

It hasn’t been until recently that I have ever truly felt beautiful inside and out in my entire life. For as long as I can remember I did my best to be perfectly content with being the “funny friend” or the girl who would never meet the man of her dreams. I would make jokes about my eating, my weight, and play it off like I didn’t care. I kept lying to myself that I wasn’t capable of so much, nor was I worth the effort.

This mindset only continued. Soon I was 21 and letting myself stay for almost 3 years in a verbally abusive and manipulative relationship that destroyed not only my outside appearance but completely stole who I was and any self-respect I had. After finally deciding with every OUNCE of will that I had in me to get away from that life, I moved into my own apartment and started my new journey; finally creating a life for ME.

About a year or so later, at the edge of 23, I lost my Father, a man and a person to who this day, I truly believe understood me more than anyone else ever has (and perhaps ever will). And while that would have been the perfect excuse to give up and stop caring, it only FUELED me more. His strength continues to carry me on a daily basis ❤
When I post pictures of my progress, I’m sure a lot of people think it’s purely out of vanity but for those of you who have gone through a transformation, big or small, I know you understand how it is SO much more than that. I won’t argue that compliments are enjoyable but it’s the energy I radiate now, the smile I never used to have, the way my eyes light up and how in touch I am with my mind and soul now that brings tears to my eyes when I think about how hard I’ve worked to get here.

And it.wasn’t.easy.

But before you say “I just don’t like working out” or “I couldn’t do that” or “wow you’re lucky” stop. Because you are JUST as capable, we all are.

Sometimes I am so scared to tell people I’ve lost over 50lbs, I worry about how they might judge me, how they might squint their eyes at my old appearance and before pictures. But I can’t take shame in that. Who I used to be and who I’ve become are ALL a part of me and I love every ounce of my being as I grow and continue to transform into Sarah Rose.
But don’t get me wrong. It’s still such a process and I often can’t see what others might.
I still go to the mall and pick out sizes that are entirely too big for me and am dumbfounded when they hang off of me in the dressing room. I still cry and feel over 200lbs like I used to be. Sometimes I look in the mirror and still see that old Sarah.

I can only continue to exercise my mind along with my body.

Thank you all for your continual support, you have absolutely NO idea how much it means to me and how much it continues to motivate me.

❤ You truly cannot fail if you never give up.